Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My Letter From Santa

I was delighted to be asked by this company to review their premium letters from Santa.

Growing up these made my Christmas so magical, waking up to my own letter through the door, ripping it open to find a letter addressed to me from none other than Mr Claus himself. 

The Website (ordering process)
Placing the order was very straight forward, first choose the type of letter then fill in the questionnaire which have lots of questions about the named child (siblings, recent events, presents), some you type and some are drop down boxes (all marked very clearly).
You then click to next section where you fill in the delivery details (once again very simple, box inputs).
Once information is input just click to payment page & confirm.

The Delivery
When this letter arrived it was in plain envelope so very discreet, inside was a red envelope with childs name printed on the front and sealed with wax effect stamp, which makes it look very authentic.

The Letter
Inside the envelope is a very well presented (with an eye for detail) letter addressed to named child, it uses all the information you gave during ordering and forms a beautifully designed letter that any child (or Adult) would believe is actually from Santa. The paper itself is good thick quality (the sort you would expect from Mr Claus) plus it also contains a certificate for being on the nice list & a colour-me-in "Santa Stop Here" sign. 

Personally I think this is a top class letter from Santa & any child would be overly joyed at Christmas to receive one (I know mine would), I personally think they keep the magic of Christmas alive (at least for another year) before our babies grow up and stop believing.

This was a premium letter and for the price of just £5.69 + free delivery it's well worth it.
Please take a look for yourself at;

You won't be disappointed, I know my kids won't be this Christmas. 

Hettie xXx

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