Thursday, 2 October 2014

Skinny Sprinkles

I've been on a mission for about 2 years to lose weight, get fit and try to tone up my belly since having kids. I've not done too bad, I've still got along way to go but I can notice a difference now. Along the way I have used many different methods (slim shake, fat burners etc) and altho they all have all worked, I still have that hungry feeling I between meals which is the bit I find most difficult to deal with.
So when I heard of a product called Skinny Sprinkles I was obviously intrigued. 

After speaking to the lovely people at Skinny Sprinkles and telling them about my blog they very kindly sent me some to try.

What is Skinny Sprinkles?
Skinny Sprinkles is an instant strawberry drink mix specially formulated to aid weight reduction by reducing snacking and over eating.

How it works.
The easy way to explain it is that you drink the mixture that when it reaches your stomach it starts to swell a bit like a jelly mix making you feel fuller.
The science is a lot more cleaver, the ingredient called Glucomannan (Konjac) swells once it hits the water in your tummy and then adsorbes up to 200 times it's weight to form a gel like substance giving your the feeling of being full.

* Reduces body weight
* Reduces hunger pangs
* Feel fuller for longer 
* Prebiotic action 
* Gluten free, high in fibre
And Lots more...

Mix sprinkles with 200ml of cold water rapidly for 30 seconds, then slowly for 1 minute. Drink within next few minutes.
Take 1 serving 3 times a day.
I'm my opinion it tastes like a homemade strawberry smoothie. (Delicious) 

My Thoughts
Firstly I have got to say I'm very impressed with how this little drink is so effective. My main time of snacking and feeling hunger pangs is in the evening as I'm usually kept busy during the day, so I only used 1 or 2 a day to stop the feeling of being hungry whilst watching telly.
Honestly I didn't expect one little drink could actually keep the need for snaking away but it's specially designed but it does just that.
I am now left wanting more as I feel this is a great aid along side other methods of weight loss or weight management.
I would recomend to anyone on a weight loss program but still finding it hard to curb the cravings as this does just that and at only 19 calories per serving its a gem.

Please go to their website for a lot more information, dietary guidelines and to purchase.
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Hettie x