Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Glamour Living

Firstly I'd love to thank Glamour Living for picking me as their winner of the Lipstick Tower, I absolutely love it.

Glamour Living are the UK’s premier online retailer exclusively bringing you the most desirable and cutting edge luxury acrylic makeup storage organisers, owned and adored by celebrities!
With a sleek glossy finish these beautiful makeup storage units would glam up any dressing table. 

They have a range of products online at and you won't be disappointed, I'm in love with mine, I just need to invest in some more products to fill it. 
This stunning crystal tower can house up to 72 lipsticks and 16 eyeshadow/powder palettes.  The side compartments can be used to store items such as makeup brushes and lip pencils.

So if you fancy Glam'ing up you bedroom with some gorgeous makeup storage then I'd 100% recommend Glamour Living.

Hettie x

Just Drink Aloe

Just Drink Aloe is in my opinion a fantastic way to hydrate & energise yourself with extra added goodness...

What I love about this aloe drink compared to others is that it is;
* It contains real Aloe Vera, pulp & fruit juice's
* Its not made from processed powders 
* It contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

It's comes in a range of equally delicious flavours, Pomegranate, Mango, Lychee, Strawberry, Passion Fruit & Original. 
Each bottle has a shelf life of up to 15 months, although it would never last that long for me as I like to have 1 a day either as a drink on its own or added to my meal replacement shake powder to give it an extra boost.

I would defiantly say this is a drink worth trying and I am already waiting for payday to put in my next order. 

For more information or to purchase this product you can contact them on 
Facebook ~ JustDrink
Twitter ~ @JustDrinkAloe
Email ~
Telephone ~ 02085915050 

Hettie x

Monday, 13 July 2015

Muscle Mousse

The Product
Muscle mousse is a high protein, gluten free dessert mousse that can be enjoyed any time of the day, due to its scientific blend of time release proteins which are formulated to deliver nutrients to the body over a period of hours.
Muscle mousse uses the highest quality ingredients, their micellar casein and whey are imported from grass fed dairy cattle in Switzerland.

Muscle mousse is gluten free, has no added sugar and low in fat, this makes its great for a healthy lifestyle or dieting as this can be use as a meal replacement as it's more filling than other foods and shakes. 

Preparing The Mousse 
50g (2 scoops) of powder mixes with 150ml of water, it's easy to mix (either in shaker or bowl & whisk). I chose to use my Smart Shaker which I shook for approx 1min until there are no lumps and texture is thick. Once the minute is up pour into a bowl and allow to set in a fridge for about 30mins then enjoy.

Muscle mousse come is lots of delicious flavours;
Mint Chocolate 
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
Peanut Chocolate &

My Opinion
Firstly I want to say it tastes delicious (I have strawberry) just like angel delight.
It's very easy to mix, it set's nice and quick so no having to wait long until you can eat it, I also love how I don't have to worry about craving sweet snacks anymore, as this does just the job but without all the naughtiest. 
So if your losing weight, building muscle or on a restricted diet I'd definitely recommend looking into trying this product. 

Muscle mousse be bought from a range of its UK stockists, GNC, Cardiff Sports nutrition, Sports nutrition warehouse and Muscle Food UK...alternatively check out their website at

Social Media 
Twitter ~ @musclemousse
Facebook ~ Muscle-Mousse
Instagram ~ musclemousseuk 

Give them a follow for the latest information about products and also different recipes to try.

Love Hettie x  

Monday, 6 July 2015

Tantastic Self Tan

Well it's that time again...another self tan post (I do love my tan), this time it's from a brand called Tantastic.

The Product

I have Tantastic in liquid & mousse form,
both are paraben/alcohol free.
It claims to be an easy to apply tan, that leaves a gorgeous, quick drying instant colour that can be built up (darkened) by layering and that will last up to 7 days. 

It is 100% natural active tanning ingredients (DHA) approved by Ecocert.

The Application 
The Mousse
The Liquid
Both products go on beautifully, just be careful with the liquid as it will run off the mitt if you use to much at once.
They both glide over the skin with ease to create a golden sun kissed colouring. It actually does what it claims, by drying almost straight away with the liquid and slightly longer with mousse.
I found these both to be very pleasant smelling, to the point I can only smell it, if I have skin so close it's touching my nose.

Applied to 1 leg (to show colour change)
Applied to both legs

My Results 
In my opinion this self tan is ideal for all seasons, as it covers so evenly and with little smell. I would actually even wear this tan out whilst it was developing (unlike most tans).
I usually do like my tan darker but this is a great way for giving you the freedom build the colour to how you want, especially with it being Summer, you don't want to go to dark then naturally tan on top and end up looking to baked. 

I left my tan on for about 8hrs before washing off, I'm still impressed with the colour as it seams like very little washed off and I still have the beautiful colour I  applied.
Lighting is not great in this photo being as its night and no natural light but it looks gorgeous, like I've been away for a week...not out of a bottle. :o)

Where To Buy
If you would like to purchase Tantastic then you can buy online at their Website or a Boots store, they also that a Twitter page @TanTantastic which you can follow for more information.
Liquid ~ £15.00
Mousse ~ £18.00
They also have a range of other product that I hope I'll try soon and share with you.

Hettie x

Pro Blo ~ Curl Me

About Pro Blo Group
Pro Blo Group love hair and the endless opportunities it gives us to express ourselves. Their passion is developing products that allow you to create your own style or recreate the latest trends but my favourite reason of all is "to keep us looking beautiful".

The Product 
'Curl Me' is a fantastic product that volumizes hair to give you that salon perfect hair at home.

This quick and easy to use product makes creating beautiful big, bouncy hair possible for even the most lifeless of hair.

It contains;
6x brush barrels
6x hair clips
1x handle
1x travel bag

Each barrel clips easily into the handle, which make this product so easy for blow drying and securing the hair in place, as it's all done together (no fiddly bit to worry about). Once the hair is in place just release the barrel by pressing the little button and you done to just leave in until you need to take them out and show off you gorgeous hair style. 

My Reasons For Wanting To Test
I wanted to try the 'Curl Me' because big beautiful hair is always associated with having long hair...which I don't. I don't suit neither like long hair but I do love big, volumized hair and so do a lot of celebs for that matter (here's a few)...

So I decided to give it ago for myself and wow do I love this product, it's helped me loads, especially to create different looks for different moods (that usually I can only achieve by going to the salon). 

My Results

A few of my favourites (been filtered)

I am also going to be adding more photos of friends hair too just to show how versatile and practical this product really is. :o) 

For more information and to purchase the 'Curl Me' you can go to their Website at or search them on Twitter at @ProBloGroup 
RRP £35.00

Hettie x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Colour B4

Colour B4 is a great way to remove unwanted hair colour at home without the risk of damage you would get using other products as this contains No ammonia or bleach.

Colour B4 comes in regular or extra strength, I used the extra strength due to me dying my hair for years and having a lot of colour build up (black of all colours).

I recently got my hair cut short again and  wanted a dramatic new colour change to go with it.
I get bored easy with my hair so this time I decided to use semi permanent colour which means I can swap and change my colour as often as I'd like. 

The Application 
It states that this solution should be applied to clean dry hair so I washed and dried my hair ready to follow the instructions as indicated on the leaflet. 
One thing I will say is the smell isn't the best (a bit like perming lotion) but if it work then I wasn't bothered.

After 60 mins I rinsed off and was pleasantly surprised with the results :o) 
It had made my hair a light ginger colour, lighter than my original but think it's because of frequent dying & bleaching (this was good for me as I'd chose to go with a bright red colour for my new look). 

My Results 

Colour B4 really helped me to achieve my new look and I am so pleased, I would say this product is now my new best friend as it gives me the freedom to change my colour whenever I like without damage to my hair (if anything it feels better than when I started). 

You can purchase Colour B4 at you local Boots, Superdrug, Saver etc
So if your are like me and fancy a change, whether it be to strip an unwanted colour or if your looking for a change for summer then I'd recommend this product. 

Hettie x