Monday, 18 August 2014

Aloe Glorious (Forever Living)

When the lovely lady at ask me to review some more products obviously I jumped at the chance.

After my last post about the Forever Products was such a hit I was so excited to try some new makeup products.


Delicious Lipstick - Amethyst £16.64

Perfect Pair Eyeshadow - Ocean £18.90

Purple might be a bit shocking to some people but it's making a comeback & with celebrities daring to go bold why shouldn't we? 

I honestly don't mind bold/bright colours so this was no challenge for me and I got straight to it trying new styles and looks, some great some not so great lol.

What I found
1) The lipstick it's so smooth and creamy it just glides on with ease.
2) The colour lasts on both the eyeshadow & the lipstick (although I use more as I don't blot lips as I like the glossy look) 
3) The powder of the eyeshadow is also very light so you can build it up as much or as little as you like. 

I really like this lipstick & will now invest in the red colour and other products, I have never been disappointed with any product from this company so would definitely advise people to try for themselves :o) 

Twitter: @ForeverLivingMD

Some other pics I put together...
Lipstick (on own)

Lipstick (with glitter gloss overcoat)

Colour shades (light shadow/ dark shadow/ lipstick) 

Please go and at least give the website or twitter page a look, you won't be disappointed.
I'm going off to do some more experimenting with styles ;o) 

Hettie x 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

OOTD by Miss Luxe

Omg, can't believe I wrote this post back in May and forgot to press publish, I love this dress so much and am really gutted I didn't share with everyone sooner...

My OOTD is this stunning Audrey Hepburn Style dress from 

was so lucky to be picked as the winner of one of their amazing competitions on their twitter page @missluxe 

This dress is very comfortable to wear as well as looking absolutely stunning.
It's a good quality stretchy material that keeps it's shape unlike some I've worn that start to bag after an hour or so.

I would like to thank Miss Luxe for this beautiful dress and I look forward wearing many more items from their site as I know I can purchase with confidence.

Hettie x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Manuka Doctor

I recently purchased the Manuka Doctor 
Rejuvenating Face Mask in the travel size as there is such a big hype about Manuka Honey I thought I would try it for myself. 

Well firstly the smell is lovely (sometimes things don't always smell like expected), secondly the mask is creamy and velvety soft which glides over the face with ease.

Once applied you start to feel it tighten and tingle slightly, then sit back and relax (I was in a bath), after about 5mins I washed it off and am amazed at how soft my face felt without having to moisturise 1st.

My photos don't show how amazing my face felt but thought I would upload anyway to show how light the mask is (hardly notice it) and the slight glow the pic has captured.  

(Excuse the hair also had a hair mask in)

I for one will be buying the full size for myself and would advise anyone to give this a try for themselves. 
At a great price of £7.99 for a set of 3 travel size products its worth it (I'm yet to try the others).
Online here:

Many Thanks
Hettie x