Monday, 31 March 2014

I was lucky enough to win this stunning dress RRP £68.00 

I knew it was stunning just by seeing it online but OMG I didn't realise just how beautiful it was until it arrived and I'd put it on. It makes me feel so glamorous and feminine, showing off my curves. 
It came all beautifully packaged and I would recommend anyone who is a size 14 and up to check out their website. 
I can't wait to wear this for my posh weekend away with the hubby :-) thanks xXx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Chloe Sims Starship by Montana Tan

I resentley used Chloe Sims 1 Hour Tan and won't lie I did find it strange at first as I've never used a tanning mousse but after a few mins I can say it is a lovely light feeling tan and also perfect if you don't have time to leave on for ages (especially if you have kids like me). 
I applied tan with ease and left on for 1hour 5mins (wanted longer but my husband brought his friends round to watch the football) 🙈😂 So I didn't think it would of taken that much but once I was out the shower I could see I was oh so wrong, the tan had developed to a lovely colour already...

I am very please with this tan and would recommend to anyone wanting to try it :-)  
I look forward to trying more of the Chloe Sims Range ❤️

Thursday, 13 March 2014

What SEMTEX done for me :-)

Where do I start...Everyone always think they know about something before they've even tried it. 
Well here's my story....
I'm a 27 year old mother of 2 and have Type 1 Diabetes which means I can't do fad diets or cut out carbs full stop, but I can eat better and could workout (not well) but give it ago.
3 years ago my health got so bad with poor diabetes control that  I lost loads of weight (age 10-11yr clothes) and unknowingly ended up in a diabetic coma, when I finally woke 2 weeks later I vowed to sort it out (A 2nd Chance If You Like) for Me, My Husband, My Kids and My Family.
I got my diabetes under control and health got better but I piled on the pounds to the point where I was starting to go the other way..Yes my diabetes control was ok but I wasn't a healthy weight...To Small then To Big.
Untill I see photos of me that I didn't like, so I thought about doing something about it, so started eating healthy and working out with little results until I see #Semtex on twitter, I spoke to a few people who had done it and decided to give it ago as it was safe to take being diabetic (no nasty ingredients)... well it's safe to say now I'm a different person, I enjoy working out, I'm an ideal weight and my sugar leaves are under control. 
Now when my kids ask me to play I can and for longer than just 5mins, I now use Semtex plus a healthy diet not for weightloss but to maintane and tone up my body. 
I still have a long way to go till I'm toned but The Only Way Is Up thanks to #Semtex and other JSTJodie product by Jodie Marsh

If your thinking of trying it....Do!!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Lauren's Way Tan

Recently I  used Lauren's Way Darker Than Dark Tan which I had heard so much about for ages but never tried (got so used to using the same tan) but I'm so glad I did...Here's why 

This tan is so Easy to apply (even for me), it comes out dark so can see where it is applied so as to not leave a streaky tan. 
I applied at night and left to dry before getting into bed and to my surprise in the morning there was No Transfer onto my white bedding (too my husbands delight) which has happened many times in the past :-) 

Overall I have found this product does exactly as it states to do and would recommend to anyone who is thinking of self tanning. I now use this tan most weeks just to keep it topped up as you can't beat a great tan.