Sunday, 12 June 2016

JKB Argent Millionaire Mist

Firstly I'd like to start off by expressing how much I'm loving this product, its ability to turn any condition hair into beautiful glossy, shiny, healthy look locks is beyond me. My hair is ok but not perfect due to years of dying, bleaching and over use of products combined with back combing so it can be nice to look at but looking closer it's dry and full of dead ends, so I wasn't expecting to see much difference with this product to any other high street product ive bought before but how I was wrong.

To start the first thing you will notice upon using this hair mist is the fabulous smell, it instantly makes you feel like you are on holiday. It's a fresh crisp fruity smell that instantly makes you feel clean and revitalise without doing anything.
Secondly the spray realises so lightly and almost unnoticeable to feel, I'm not gonna lie the first few times I used it I did over spray as I just didn't think anything had come out, that was until I felt my hair.

I have used this product in so many different ways too not just on towel dried hair before styling but it's also great as a setting spray to add shine or to protect your hair in the sunshine to stop it drying out, I even used it when I got out the bath as a spritzer over my body to add hydration just because the scent is so beautiful. 

You can purchase JKB Argent Millionaire Hair Mist online as of tomorrow (13th June 2016) at and in my opinion you should as you won't be dissapointed with the results.
I can very easily say that this is now one of my beauty must haves if you want to achieve that glamorous, professional salon finish to your hair but at a fraction of the cost, at just £35 it's a steel as it is going to out last any products you have used in the past and that even includes people like me that do tend to over use products no matter what the instructions tell us to apply as its light spray action makes it very difficult almost impossible to over work. 
I have used this hair mist everyday even multiple times some days and haven't even used a quarter of the bottle, so can easily recommend this product to everyone. 

For more information please visit their website
Or contact them on Twitter at @jkbargent 

If you do try this product please share your thoughts with me below in the comment box or on Twitter at @hettieoakley as I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks. 

Hettie xXx

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