Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Patricia Eve ~ David Swimwear

David Swimwear is designed for the prefect fit & the control swimwear from David is designed to look the same as the non-control collection whilst using special fabrics to help shape the wearer.

I'm like most women nowadays that have that extra wobbly bit we wish we didn't or would like to look few pound lighter, so personally found this control swimsuit a fabulous was for me to achieve just that.

I got to try out this elegant black/white suit with circle details to the front.
The suit itself is tight fitting but in no way restricting, it has an extra layer over the front that hides the tight control panels to give it a loose fitting, gathered effect, perfect for hiding any unwanted bulges.
The breast area is designed ideally for women that like me that have ones on the larger size and like to keep them covered up. The control suit is lower cut but hold cups in place then is covered buy the gathered looser layer which is a higher cut so keeps you well covered but still with that beautiful elegant style so no frumpy feeling like some swimwear out there for bigger bust ladies.

The best part of this control swimwear I loved the most is the shape it gave my body by pulling me in from all angles and flattening my belly but mainly because it give me the illusion of having a waist. 

I am very impressed with this range and although this is part of an older collection there is a newer range out & available at 

You won't be disappointed but can assure you that you will feel fabulous :o) xXx

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