Friday, 7 August 2015


Drinking water is an essential part of living, being diabetic it's even more important to keep hydrated and water is the best way because it contains no hidden sugars like other drinks.
As much as water is verg good for you lets not hide the fact that it can get a bit boring and repetitive, well not anymore with Aquatiser.

Aquatiser is a water infusing bottle that allows you to add a combination of your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs. 
(This is my Green tea with hint mint & Cucumber water)

The bottle is made from strong glass which is made to withstand high temperatures and be dishwasher safe.
It has 2 plastic juicers to compress the fruit and extract the flavors.
All compartments are detachable which makes cleaning easy and can hold up to 500ml.

I have really loved and look forward to making more flavours using my Aquatiser.
I take my bottle to the gym with me as its keeps me hydrated and I can even eat the fruit or veg to help maintain my sugars after a good workout, so makes this a great way to keep healthy. 

To buy a Aquatiser for yourself go to their website ~
Or for more information contact them by 
Email ~
Twitter ~ @Aquatiser 
Instagram ~ @Aquatiser 

Here are a few more delicious yet very beneficial water recipes to try...
Strawberry, lemon and basil  
Watermelon and mint (or rosemary)  Pineapple, orange and fresh ginger  JalapeƱo (chilli) and watermelon 
Apple and cinnamon  
Blueberry, peach, lemon and mint
Lemon, lime & mint
Kiwi and lime
Cucumber, lime and mint
Carrot, lemon and mint
Cucumber and lemongrass or ginger

Hettie x

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